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Restaurant industry startup Miso Robotics gets $10 million in financing

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Miso Robotics’ hamburger-flipping robot, “Flippy.”

Miso Robotics, a robotics and artificial intelligence company for restaurants and food providers, has secured $10 million in series B financing and will soon debut its hamburger-flipping robot, “Flippy,” at CaliBurger’s Pasadena, California, location.

The funding round was led by Acacia Research Corp. (Nasdaq: ACTG). Participating strategic investors included sports and entertainment hospitality company Levy RestaurantsOpenTable Chief Technology Officer Joseph Essasand founding investor Cali Group; and six members of Cali Group’s management team and its subsidiary, CaliBurger.

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Cali Group’s Restaurant Operating Subsidiary Announces Global Expansion Plan For 2018

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PASADENA, Calif.Feb. 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Cali Group announced today that its restaurant operating subsidiary, CaliBurger, will expand in 2018 throughout North America, the Middle EastAsia and Latin America. The company also announced that its face-based loyalty and payment ordering kiosks as well as Flippy, the burger flipping robot, will be available at multiple CaliBurger locations this year. Read More


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caliburger_left*New AI-Enabled Self Ordering Kiosks Available at CaliBurger Pasadena, Showcase at NRF 2018*

PASADENA, CA – December 19, 2017 – Cali Group and NEC Corporation of America today unveiled new AI-enabled self-ordering kiosks at CaliBurger, Cali Group’s restaurant operating division. The kiosks use NEC’s NeoFace® facial recognition software to identify registered customers and pull up their loyalty accounts and order preferences. The kiosk pilot program is now at CaliBurger’s Pasadena location, where the Quick Serve Restaurant chain showcases new technologies developed by its parent company. If customers are pleased with the new ordering experience, the kiosks will be rolled out to CaliBurger’s global locations next year. Also in 2018, the platform will be used to allow customers to pay using their faces. Read More


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caliburger_leftSeptember 17, 2017 – Cali Group announced today that it’s subsidiary, CaliBurger, has opened or will open the following restaurants in the third and fourth quarters:

*  Ras al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates:  Al Manar Mall, Al Muntasir Road, Al Nakheel, Ras al Khaimah, UAE
*  Vancouver, Canada:  Simon Fraser University 8901 Cornerstone Mews, Burnaby BC V5A 4Y6
*  Hermosillo, Mexico:  Bulevar José María Morelos 248, 83144 Hermosillo, Son., Mexico
*  Puebla, Mexico:  Blvrd Héroes del 5 de Mayo & Veracruz, El Carmen, 72530 Puebla, Mexico
*  Washington, D.C.:  1101 1st St NE, Washington DC 20002
* Valencia, California:  24201 Westfield Blvd., Valencia CA 91355
* Bakersfield, California:  Olive Dr and State Rd, Bakersfield CA 93308

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caliburger_left“Delivery Only” Kitchens At Attractive Start-up Prices, Lower Delivery Costs, and Access To Cutting Edge AI and Robotics Solutions
August 31, 2017 – Cali Group announced today that it has co-founded and invested in Kitchen United, a new delivery-only coworking system aimed at removing dining room chaos and making it possible for restaurants to hyper-grow their delivery business.  Concurrent with the funding of Kitchen United, Kitchen United has executed a lease agreement to take over 12,000 square feet of built out kitchen space in Pasadena, California.  This space will also serve as headquarters for Miso Robotics, another Cali Group affiliated company using artificial intelligence and robotics to transform the restaurant industry.  Similar to WeWork for shared office space and Amazon’s delivery warehouses, Kitchen United will provide shared kitchen space to numerous chefs and chains seeking to enter the Pasadena market through delivery only initiatives.  Kitchen United enables restaurant concepts to begin servicing the Pasadena market with little start-up costs.  And because Kitchen United has dedicated loading areas for delivery vehicles to line up and software systems for managing the efficient transfer of multiple payloads of food from different concepts in the shared facility to the vehicles, it also reduces the costs of delivery.

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Atacama Featured on

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Atacama Logo-01Breathability and moisture-wicking properties are two important characteristics that every outdoor athlete looks for in their workout apparel. If a garment is breathable, it allows heat to escape the body, keeping runners and cyclists cooler as a result. And if a garment also has the ability to wick away perspiration, it will keep them drier as well. Unfortunately, while a lot of sportswear promises to deliver in these two areas, their products often underperform when put to use in the field. But a new technical fabric from a company called Atacama is looking to change all that by delivering a potential breakthrough product that could revolutionize the way we work out. Read More

Atacama Featured on Tech Crunch

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Atacama Logo-01Atacama uses microfluidic technology to create moisture-control fabric that actually stays dry

Imagine sportswear that not only stays dry through the most sweat-inducing workouts, but also turns perspiration into a design element. Named after the driest desert in the world, Atacama uses microfluidic technology to create textiles that can do just that. The recipient of a grant from the National Science Foundation, Atacama is also exploring how its technology can be applied in a diverse range of industries, including apparel, auto manufacturing, and healthcare.

The medical industry started using microfluidics in the 1980s for “lab-on-a-chip” devices that allow researchers to use very small samples of blood and other fluids. By figuring out how to integrate microfluidics into textiles, Atacama can create activewear that feels more comfortable because almost all of the fabric remains dry. While most moisture-wicking fabrics currently on the market draw sweat to the surface of clothing so it evaporates more quickly, microfluidics directs moisture into tiny three-dimensional channels and then controls the direction of the fluid so it collects or drips off textiles exactly where manufacturers wants it to. Read More


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caliburger_leftMay 5, 2017 – Cali Group announced today that its subsidiary, CaliBurger, has entered an agreement with its existing master franchisee in Mexico to expand the brand throughout Latin America. The regional brand will be managed by a newly formed entity backed by private equity investors, called Cali-LatAm.

“With the growing awareness of the CaliBurger brand and Cali Group restaurant technology innovations in the global restaurant community, we have experienced tremendous interest from restaurant operators in different parts of Latin America,” said John Miller, Chairman and CEO of Cali Group. “While we focus on building new company-owned stores in the USA, our partner in Mexico has the infrastructure, training stores, and operating team to support restaurant operators interested in developing CaliBurger units in countries throughout the region. We look forward to working with Cali-LatAm to enhance the restaurant industry in Latin America with our restaurant operating system.” Read More

loft & bear Featured in LA Sentinal

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loft & bear Vodka takes on Vodka industry with Downtown LA loft distillery

Paul Ryan Elliott, 31, took on his dream and created his own Vodka distillery and brand. As the CEO and Founder of loft & bear Vodka, he has won 11 awards and now has his vodka in Whole Foods, Target and Vons.

Business runs in Elliott’s family and he always knew that he wanted to have one. He owned a construction business with his mother after graduating college which gave him the tools to build his own brand. When thinking about what he would like sell, Vodka became the solid choice. Read More

Funwall And Revel Systems Announce Key Partnership

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caliburger_leftIndustry-Leading Point of Sale Platform Enhances Customer Experience through the Power of Social Mobile Gaming

NEW YORK, March 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — FunWall, a one stop solution for social and tournament gaming and Revel Systems, a feature-rich business platform transforming the way business is done by integrating all operations and customer channels, driven by the Point of Sale, into a single dashboard, today launched a joint program to begin selling FunWall’s platform to existing and future users of Revel’s POS platform. The partnership follows the successful deployment of FunWall’s proprietary social gaming platform at all of Revel client CaliBurger’s restaurants worldwide over the last twelve months.

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