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caliburger_left“Delivery Only” Kitchens At Attractive Start-up Prices, Lower Delivery Costs, and Access To Cutting Edge AI and Robotics Solutions
August 31, 2017 – Cali Group announced today that it has co-founded and invested in Kitchen United, a new delivery-only coworking system aimed at removing dining room chaos and making it possible for restaurants to hyper-grow their delivery business.  Concurrent with the funding of Kitchen United, Kitchen United has executed a lease agreement to take over 12,000 square feet of built out kitchen space in Pasadena, California.  This space will also serve as headquarters for Miso Robotics, another Cali Group affiliated company using artificial intelligence and robotics to transform the restaurant industry.  Similar to WeWork for shared office space and Amazon’s delivery warehouses, Kitchen United will provide shared kitchen space to numerous chefs and chains seeking to enter the Pasadena market through delivery only initiatives.  Kitchen United enables restaurant concepts to begin servicing the Pasadena market with little start-up costs.  And because Kitchen United has dedicated loading areas for delivery vehicles to line up and software systems for managing the efficient transfer of multiple payloads of food from different concepts in the shared facility to the vehicles, it also reduces the costs of delivery.

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