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Caliburger sees other fast-casual chains, like Shake Shack and Habit Burger, as its main competition—not In-N-Out. “…The thing is about a premium burger, these things are all pretty similar,” Miller explains. “It’s really hard to really stand out in the crowd of burger chains in the US. That’s why we’ve invested in the technology aspect, to be something really different.” – John Miller, CEO of Caliburger

Hannah An One of Four Speakers at Women Business Pioneers Symposium

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thedistrict_leftApart from the fashion-related ventures shared by the other speakers, Hannah An spoke about how she and her family became well-known figures in the restaurant industry.

When her family moved from Vietnam to San Francisco, her grandmother Diana bought a small 20-seat diner and opened Thanh Long.

“It’s her spirit, courage and entrepreneurship that I think that led my family to [where we are] today,” An said.

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