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IDPE Invests in Momentum Dynamics

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momentum dynamics_leftMomentum Dynamics Momentum Dynamics develops high power inductive charging technologies for the automotive and transportation industries.  Automated wireless charging is an alternative to plug-in charging and provides the primary means of charging the batteries of these vehicles. Our technology can safely transmit electrical energy through air, water, and ice and is the key enabling technology required to practice routine Opportunity Charging, which allows the driving range of all electric vehicles to be extended.

Momentum Dynamics

IDPE Invests In Sioneer

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sioneer_leftSioneer is a glass processing company that provides the answer to a growing environmental crisis—glass recycling. Sioneer’s new patented technology can effectively and economically process 100% of the glass supply—representing a paradigm shift in the glass recycling industry. Sioneer returns post-consumer glass to its most fundamental state—a mineral known as Amorphous Silica—which has already been identified as a valuable feedstock and utilized in a variety of industrial markets.